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  • Lemon-flex Company Limited China


    Lemon-flex Company Limited China

    Professional Manufacturer of PLASTICIZER

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    Plasticizer series
      Product name CAS NO. View details
    LMFLEX? LM10 77-93-0 more>
    LMFLEX? LM20 77-89-4 more>
    LMFLEX? LM30 77-94-1 more>
    LMFLEX? LM40 77-90-7 more>
    LMFLEX? LM50 -- more>
    LMFLEX? LM60 -- more>
    LMFLEX? LM70 -- more>
    LMFLEX? LM80 24817-92-3 more>
    LMFLEX? LM90 82469-79-2 more>
    LMFLEX? LM11 6422-86-2 more>
    LMFLEX? LM12 102-76-1 more>

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